Visualizing the Cross of Matter

Visualizing a Cross

One of the more effective grounding techniques I’ve come across is the practice of visualizing a cross in your mind. My first response at this suggestion was a bit like “Seriously? A cross?” But it works. Upon further meditation, and looking past the obvious religious connotations, it actually makes a lot of sense.

The Cross is Ancient

After all, the cross goes way back. Drawings, glyphs and structures of the cross are ancient. Of course, these were not shaped quite the same way. Many were just two lines crossing one another. From an esoteric point of view, it makes even further sense. It is where two worlds meet. So, imagine a cross or use what you have to create a makeshift cross and focus on the center where the two lines meet.

A Pair of Scissors Used to Form a Cross

The Cross— Self and All

The self and the other come into contact with one another at the point where two lines meet. This, once again is the representation of self and source —or the one and the whole. From a numerological standpoint, it is one and four. The cross of matter (4) and the center of this cross (1). It is the image of the one taking form. So, any and all beings are the one source taking form, and to meditate or to imagine the cross, we can get in touch with that fundamental sacred fact—we are here at this point and it is not anyone else’s point of reference. This is now and this is me here (at the point)

Horizontal and Vertical Lines

Another way of looking at the cross, and I risk repeating myself here, is to imagine the horizontal line as time or movement, and the vertical line as depth of presence or the here and now. The horizontal represents our life over time and the vertical is the here and now.

Imagine a Cross

Regardless of all our thinking and re-thinking of why and how it works, it simply works. Next time you are feeling in the midst of judgment or negative energy, imagine a cross. I like to imagine a large white wooden one. This is part of the fun. As you work with the image, refine it to see which one extracts the most power or makes you feel the most grounded. Imagine a cross and you will feel the lines of interrupting energy be thrown back on the sender.
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