Connecting to Source

The Meaning of Source

Source is essentially the all-possible, and the all-possible (creator, origin, whole) can be nothing other than possibility itself– the possibility of fairy tales and nursery rhymes– a fundamental and essential goodness that prevails. If you consider the nature of concept possibility, it actually IS all-powerful, all-knowing and everywhere at once. Possibility is limitless and everything that exists falls under its realm– the realm of possibility. It is all-knowing in a good way, not a creepy way. It is all-knowing in that every conceivable possibility is simply there, open to being realized. It makes sense of the statement that nothing is everything, for nothing carries the greatest capacity for becoming everything– becoming anything.

Source is not an old man. Source is genderless, simple and pure. Source is not an authority, yet there are principles that can be said to act as such– principles that emerge in the form of natural law. There are a few extremely important things to note about this Source. Probably the most important is that Source is not only "everywhere" but Source (Possibility) resides in all things. We are all Source. We are all Possibility itself. This is first and foremost the most important because being in touch with one’s divinity is extremely important when it comes to self-healing, self-discovery and personal empowerment.

Connecting to Source

Another important thing to know about Source (as Possibility) is that although Source is all-knowing, there is nothing really for Source to know. Life is subjective. Our experiences are our own. Every spark of Possibility is dealing with its own expression of creativity and possibility and these experiences are not transferable. To connect to Source is to recognize this fully and completely on a more than mental level. The fact is, you will never know what I am experiencing and I will never know what you are experiencing– as much as we manage to convey by sharing. Life is extremely personal. There is no all-fact-knowing form of all-knowing. Nobody knows what is going to happen next. No-one holds this knowledge, not even Possibility itself in all its many expressions. Connecting to Source and staying connected to source means being ourselves in our most organic and natural (non-deliberate, liberating) way.

Life radiates outward from the source (Possibility). There is no going back, no giving of credit, no logging in of responsibility. Each moment is followed by another moment, as rich as the last. If we spend every other moment working out some way to prevent or prove, we will miss life altogether. Life expresses outward out of Possibility and we are involved in this ongoing expression. Our bodies are part of this expression. No one entity holds the key. We all hold it– together, for we are all ultimately the same entity– that entity being eternal Possibility. We may get caught up in this and that for a time, but we too are eternal– we ARE eternity.

Our bodies are a process– the circumstances through which we encounter ourselves. Everything that we experience is through some form of bodily experience. I include here the subtle bodies, giving as much weight to the imagination, thoughts and feelings as one might give to the more obvious physical body. There is a sophisticated biology to thought and feelings. They have a shape and a growth process all to their own. There is a nature to thought. Pictures in the mind, together with the emotional life that sustains them can be healthy or unhealthy– holistic or disconnected– harmonic or dis-harmonic. A change of outlook can heal us multi-dimensionally, with far-reaching improvements, whether mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually.

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