Grounding Techniques. How to Stay Grounded. Connecting to Source.

Grounding Techniques

What "Being Grounded" Means

Before we start looking at specific techniques on how to stay in this ever-changing, ever-complicating world, I want to focus for just a moment on what the essential problem is– on what being grounded actually means.

The phrase itself is more than likely borrowed from the world of electronics. Every battery has a plus and a minus side, and while the plus side offers the actual power, the minus side is for grounding purposes. The idea is that in order to pass the power on to the object, it must also be anchored somehow in the physical world (the world of its origin).

Connecting to Source

Our world is a world of energy and that energy is electromagnetic. To stay grounded, we face the same problem as the electronic device, and that is to maintain a clear, true and viable connection to source. Maintaining the connection to source is what keeps us grounded and energetically protected. In fact, the goal of any grounding technique is to either maintain that connection in the face of challenges or to re-establish that connection when it has been threatened or compromised.

Although the problem of staying grounded is universal, because we are diverse and distinct in our approaches to life, what works well from one person to the next may be a bit different. We must be prepared to tweak each technique here and there to make it our own.

Building Greater Awareness

For those of us who are consciously and actively involved in self-development, the techniques will have to evolve alongside our development. The nature of the threats will naturally be different as we grow in strength and awareness as conscious beings. For those who are less actively involved in self-development– who essentially move forward only when circumstances challenge them, the techniques may still have to evolve, but to a lesser degree.

Recognizing and maintaining the relationship to source can be a tricky business. The struggle to stay grounded is not always to do with outside challenges, but often involve internal challenges. One might argue that all challenges are inherently internal. In either case, we will undoubtedly be called upon in the course of these challenges to let go of prior fixed mental attitudes, ideas or concepts and energetically work directly with the unconscious, unknown or intuitive side of our awareness.

Nature and Its Principles

Every step taken towards recovery or regaining a state of being grounded, when accompanied by an understanding of how and why it works, will be that much stronger and lasting in its effect. In short, the more we can be clear about the natural principles involved and how we are serving natural law, the more substantially we will be able to ground ourselves and stay grounded in the face of each new challenge.

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